Claim to fame

Probably my biggest claim to fame was that I was asked to address the International Christian Maritime Association’s World Conference in Hamburg, August 2011.  

ICMA World Conference, Hamburg 2011
ICMA World Conference, Hamburg 2011

My friends were kind to me, as I had asked them to be in the introduction to my paper.  I was nonetheless humbled that they, rather too enthusiastically, applauded my paper.  I have few illusions.  Not everyone agreed, in fact some resented it, but that is only to be expected in an audience as diverse as ICMA.  

International Christian Maritime Association is very close to my heart.  While working here has not been easy – it has been a challenge that has stretched me, it has been vocational, a God-given gift.  It had my heart and soul.  Perhaps for this reason the recognition received from my peers was so special.

I pray that God blesses ICMA abundantly.  I pray for its cohesion, finding its reason for being in shared faith and common goals.  I pray too that ICMA inspires other efforts at bridging the divides in Christian faith. It’s value lies in its marriage of what could have been a far too fractured faith with practical acts of care.  It’s success is an astounding miracle in contemporary church, and a real benefit to people of the sea.

Read the paper delivered at the ICMA World Conference here: HennieLaGrange


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